Welcome to the CERN LHC portal


This site and forum is a unofficial fan site

 This site was created to make it easy to navigate the vast jungle of web pages at CERN and get to the good stuff

A lot of the displays here are LIVE and come directly from the control rooms at CERN

Click the "what is all this ?" link for directions on how to use the site to watch the LHC

MAKE SURE to visit the forum and chat

This site is designed for a widescreen monitor but will work with a standard monitor

If you find something cool or know of a ommision, Go to the forum and post and it will get included in the portal

The majority of the items linked to at CERN from this site are experimental and could be incorrect, outdated or may become restricted or unavaliable at any point in the future.

Some pages require a widescreen hi-rez monitor, this is rare, you can still see the page but it is hard to see. A Example.

Sometimes CERN uses a "self signed" certificate. This will result in your web browser saying that the certificate is "untrusted" you will need to add a exception. Just follow the clicks in the windows that come up.

This site is in no way associated with CERN. It is a "fan page"

 ** CERN EMPLOYEES ** If there is ANYTHING you DO NOT WANT on this site go to the forum and contact the admin. It WILL IMMEDIATLY BE REMOVED.  I have had contact with CERN IT Security and advised them of my site. I also advised the Press Office and others as well. AGAIN ANY REQUEST I WOULD BE HAPPY TO COMPLY WITH. The intent is to make the coolest parts of CERN more accessible to the public in a outreach plan..