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Magnetic Holes and Golden Section

Posted: Fri Nov 05, 2010 9:32 am
by MagneticTrap
Magnetic Holes and Golden Section.

According to Ion Commissioning Plan ... an2010.htm
the first collisions (random) are appointed on November 6, the “first collisions + physics” are appointed on November 7.

Will they create microscopic magnetic holes, and will we all fly into cosmos, we will know in a nearest days. The first harbinger of a growing global catastrophe is the growing flux of neutrino from the microscopic dangerous condensates (magnetic holes, strangelets, mixtures of strange nucleons with neutrons and/or other possible hyper nucleons).

These days I had investigated the properties of magnetic holes, was looking for extrema. I found them and was deeply surprised because they were numerically equal to the famous Golden Section.

Do mathematicians know about such equations? Or magnetic holes give as new equations?
1. sinh(artanh(a))= cos(arcsin(a));
2. cosh(artanh(a))=sin(arcos(a))=1/cos(arcsin(a));
3. a=(cos(arcsin(a)))^2=(sin(arccos(a)))^2;
4. arcsin(a^0.5)=arcos(a);
5. arccos(a^0.5)=arcsin(a);
6. arcsin(a)+arcos(a)=pi/2.

The solution of these equations is a number a=0,6180339887498948482…
It’s main properties:
and so on.

Let’s return to magnetic holes and see at some new results.
Now we can say that the center of every elementary particle looks like a black hole, or to be more precise, - if we rake the imaginable shell of a particle in a single point and let it free at the classical radius of the particle, then the center of the particle will look as an Event Horizon. This raked pointlike shell will start to perform relativistic harmonic oscillations.

These harmonic oscillations can be visible from K inertial reference system, connected with the center of the particle, as a periodic movement along the x-axis from -r_{cl} to +r{cl} and vice verse. In a space-time scan the world line of this oscillating pointlike shell will look as a sinusoid directed in the future.

If we look at these oscillations from the successive systems of references K1, K2, K3…, were the pointlike shell is in the state of rest, we’ll receive two pseudo circumferences, - right/left and top/bottom.

Top/bottom circumference has two extrema. These extrma are situated at points x=+/-ar_{cl}, where a – Golden Section, r_{cl} – classical radius of a particle.

This motion looks as if particles weave the space at right and left sides; untwist it in the bottom of the figure, i.e. in the past; and bind the semi-spaces together, being itself as a singularity in the space-time.

In my deduction I used two modified Rindler’s wedges. My modified Rindler’s wedges move along the time axes synchronically to time flow.
The original Rindler’s wedge valid only at x>0 and connected to the point t=0 always.
This point is an Event Horizon for a special hyperbolic motion inside the wedge.

Those, who do not believe me about the Event Horizon in the Rindler’s wedge, can read a correspondent article in the Wikipedia.

The presence of Event Horizon says us about a “hole” or a “singularity” in a space-time. Now received “hole” is not the “gravitational black hole”, but a “chromomagnetic hole” or a “hole, made by nuclear forces”. This hole continues to be a “chromomagnetic hole” till the rotation it the (x, ict) plane exists. But if the particle is forced to turn in space-time by some external forces from (x, ict) to (y, z), it can eject a lepton and become a pure “magnetic hole”, or to become a constituent part of some bigger magnetic hole, rotating in a space-space plane, for example in (y, z) plane. This constituent element of magnetic hole is a pair of a charge and anticharge. It looks like a medicine pill in a tin of magnetic hole.

Rotation in commoving reference systems you can see in my small VB-program:

On the following figures you can see the space-time scans.
For the “pull” case:
For the “push” case:
Extrema correspond to the x values, where the green lines are gorisontal.
In these points x=+/-ar; v=+/-ac.

In the “pull” case: red quasi-hyperbolae begin in the bottom and finish at the top; green quasi-hyperbolae begin in the left side and finish at the right side.
In the “push” case – vice verse.
Blue line is the world line of a charge, performing harmonic oscillations along the x-axis.
Red lines are the world lines of the same charge, rotating along the right/left pseudo circumference.
Green lines are the world lines of the same charge, rotating along the top/bottom pseudo circumference.
If there is a charge, rotating in the plane (yz) with the same frequency, its world line can coincide with the blue line or to be in opposite phase.

In the bottom wedge lines are crossed. That means that there is no field there. Literary speaking, the charge draws the lines in the future regions and spends paint; the charge gathers the old paint from the past region by crossing its old lines.

Chromomagnetic field of nucleon:
After a turn from (x, ict) rotations to (y, z) rotations and after the lost of lepton, the nucleon transforms from microscopic chromomagnetic hole into magnetic hole (boson):
which is a constituent part of a bigger magnetic hole (ferromagnetic vacuum of Savidy):
As a result a Solar system can be transformed into something like this:

Re: Magnetic Holes and Golden Section

Posted: Fri Nov 05, 2010 11:08 am
by tswsl1989
And nobody is surprised when Ivan posts something with no physical grounding whatsoever.........

Any fool can write random equations and draw pictures.

Re: Magnetic Holes and Golden Section

Posted: Fri Nov 05, 2010 6:20 pm
by CharmQuark
Oh dear me :D

You are getting all panicky now Ivan.........calm down darling :thumbup: the ice comet is ready and waiting :wtf:

Re: Magnetic Holes and Golden Section

Posted: Sat Nov 06, 2010 10:50 am
by Xymox
Can you copy paste this into your other thread please. Replace the Russian one please.

Re: Magnetic Holes and Golden Section

Posted: Sun Nov 07, 2010 4:55 am
by MagneticTrap
The first collisions of heavy ions with energy 3.5 Z TeV were performed the 6-th of November.
Was “the collaptical explosion of the Earth” switched on or not, we’ll be able to know, observing the intensity of neutrino flux from the Earth.
If the growth of the flux will not be registered till this New Year, then all is OK and you can live calmly.

Can you copy paste this into your other thread please. Replace the Russian one please.
So Ivan, what are our odd's of survival this time around ? Oops, I mean our odds of cosmosing ?
Let's wait till New Year.

I would be happy to be an "Ivan-Durak" , or "Ivan-the-Fool".

Re: Magnetic Holes and Golden Section

Posted: Sun Nov 07, 2010 12:24 pm
by rasalhauge
Haha, who would have thought that you would postpone this doomsday too? I guess you are quite surprised that we didn't die last night huh?

And don't worry about what you will be called, as far as I know no one has ever referred to you as Dr. Dark Energy (well, you have but that doesn't count) only the latter of your alternatives (Hint: fool)

And on that happy note: