LHC, The "Mass Particle", and BlackHoles

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LHC, The "Mass Particle", and BlackHoles

Post by Crikscience » Fri May 16, 2014 3:19 pm

So, I was thinking the other night. They're trying to find that particle that gives mass to everything, the HiggsBoson or higgs Field. What if Blackholes are made exclusively of this particle or this field in a modified way, and it's just what really happens when a star implodes into a blackhole. I was thinking its like the color black. Once you combine all possible colors or for our case particles it fuses together. So i was thinking that if we actually do "create" this particle vs finding it would it start a chain reaction? that is one my concern with the LHC is that if it does create this mass giving particle or Multiplys the Higgs Field would it automatically start a fusion reaction and begin sucking in everything around it due to it's extreme density there for starting an instantaneous blackhole here on earth. because what was it, a teaspoon of a blackhole's event horizon is = to a couple million tonnes? thoughts?

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Re: LHC, The "Mass Particle", and BlackHoles

Post by Xymox » Mon May 19, 2014 8:17 am

Hmmm... Most likely any kind of collisions we create on earth would be vastly less powerful then naturally occurring collisions that happen all the time in the universe. So it does not, to me, seem likely there is any danger.

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