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by mfb
Wed Oct 07, 2015 3:57 pm
Forum: LHCb
Topic: Blast! Were we blasted?
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Re: Blast! Were we blasted?

I know this thread is old, but the question is without answer: A collision rate that would correspond to this luminosity would immediately saturate many triggers, draw much more power, probably clog the pipelines due to the "challenging" event reconstruction and hopefully lead to various safety mech...
by mfb
Sat Oct 03, 2015 8:36 pm
Forum: The Accelerator
Topic: 2014 machine commissioning and 2015 start up
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Re: 2014 machine commissioning and 2015 start up

Fill #4349 with 745 25ns bunches is currently still looking beautifully stable with low losses after 4 hours: impressive! Should mean at least around 0.5 fb/week from now on, possibly matching 1 fb/week in 2012 by the end of the year! Does anyone know the number of bunches and Beta* they're going t...
by mfb
Sat Oct 03, 2015 8:29 pm
Forum: New Users Start Here
Topic: Hi
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The first post has to be here? Okay, fine: Hi!